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36 Years of Dependable, Professional Courier Services to Wichita and Kansas

Changing how Wichita ships and delivers

Anita Oberwortmann, owner of Metro CourierOver the previous 36 years, local businesswoman and entrepreneur Anita Oberwortmann had developed and mastered a business model for her building maintenance company that focused not just on customers, but on employees. At Wilson Building Maintenance, her approach went beyond the traditional hiring and training practices of other local building maintenance companies. Realizing how vitally important solid and motivated staff are to a business that lives and dies by customer service, Anita’s methods expanded on the importance of both recruiting and retention. The result? Unparalleled growth in a category known for perceived parity and a never-ending challenge on how to differentiate.

Demonstrating her commitment to family and passion for the community, Anita knew the best opportunity for growth was to apply her learnings to another local business, one equally dependent on consistently exceptional customer service from dedicated employees with unyielding pride.

Enter Metro Courier

At Metro Courier, the employees are the linchpin of the company’s success. They’re where the rubber meets the road, literally and figuratively. You talk to them on the phone. You see them coming and going. And you trust them to be an extension of your business, to get a very important parcel to a very important destination.

At Metro Courier, the people matter as much as the package.

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