Our drivers are Metro Courier employees, not contract workers

Complete with official Metro Courier uniforms and photo ID badges, our drivers are all employees of the company. Every Metro employee must pass a rigorous and extensive background check and comprehensive drug testing.


All Metro Courier delivery vehicles are company vehicles

We use only official Metro Courier vehicles from our own fleet. We own and operate all our equipment, so you’ll never see us pull up in a compact car that looks like it delivered pizza the night before. Having our own Metro Courier vehicles also allows us to maintain them, which keeps us on the road—for you.


Locally owned and operated

Google “delivery companies in Wichita KS” and you’ll see all the yellow page-type directories and national shipping companies that pop up. These aren’t local companies. In fact, they’re not companies at all. But we are. Founded in Wichita and owned by Wichitans, Metro Courier is right here in your hometown. So when you call us, you get us, not some operator in another time zone.


Do we look different to you? We hope so!

Please feel free to learn more About Us, and Our Services. Then, we look forward to hearing from you. Just give us a call at 316-522-8008. Or, send us an email. We’re Ready to Go!