Your unique needs are our specialty. From envelopes to engines, we deliver every little thing in between and then some. Here is a list of a few of the 50+ diverse industries we serve.

Hospital, Clinical, Lab, X-Ray, Pathology, supplies and much, much more. Metro Courier has been doing medical deliveries since the very beginning. We have no doubt that we are the most professional courier company when it comes to handling your medical logistics needs. All our drivers are well-versed in blood-borne pathogen, HIPAA, and other medical training that is beneficial to our clients. We understand the importance of the life behind the medical deliveries we do.

We don’t have car carriers, but we do everything else. Metro Courier has been delivering auto parts from salvage yards to dealers, dealers to dealers, auto parts shops to dealers, etc. for all of Kansas for over 20 years. Need an engine from point A to point B? We got that. Need a transmission delivered across town or even across the state? We got that too! Our fleet can accommodate all of your automotive part needs. Just give us a call!

A broad category, but one we are well aware of. Manufacturing can take a lot of collaboration between many companies across numerous industries. Metro Courier can be that similar link between each of those companies and can provide timely, professional deliveries to help each manufacturer accomplish their goals on time and within budget.

Believe it or not, Metro Courier also delivers mail. We like to call it our VIP mail service. Do you want your mail on your desk every morning when you walk in? Call Metro Courier and set up a daily mail service. We will pick up your mail at the post office and bring it to you at a time you specify. No more waiting around until your anxiously awaited mail shows up. Finish going through your mail bright and early so the rest of your day can be focused on what matters to your business most.

Need documents sent across town to sign? Don’t want your client to have to come all the way to your office? Let Metro Courier help you! It may not seem like much, but Metro Courier will save your firm a lot of time and money by allowing you and your client to get on with your day, while we take care of moving your documents from A to B. Our drivers will be there to represent you and your client in the most professional matter whenever you need us.

No—we can’t create energy and bring you a lower cost, but we can help people providing energy keep it flowing. With the advancements in wind, solar, gas, and other sources of energy in Kansas and the Midwest region, there can be a lot of moving parts to produce it. Whether it’s a bolt for a generator on a wind turbine or a rotor pin for an oil pump assembly, Metro Courier can get those parts where they need to go to keep the energy pumping.

Headquartered in Wichita, KS we are no stranger to aircraft manufacturing and the deliveries it takes to keep those manufacturing lines moving. Metro Courier has been working with some of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in Kansas for decades and our professionalism, timeliness, and efficiency is what keeps those partnerships alive year over year. With such a high level of expertise required, Metro Courier is always up for the challenge and we will always work with our clients to design the best delivery structure necessary to accomplish the task at hand.

Just finished up someone’s taxes and need signatures to get everything filed? Don’t want to have your client drive all the way across or into town in order to complete their accounting work? Give Metro Courier a call and we will make sure that everyone gets what they need, when they need it. Our drivers are extremely professional and all wear company uniforms. This way you are able to keep that professionalism of your firm without leaving your desk.

Yes, we specialize in courier, but over the past 5 years we have had amazing developments in our freight division. Running over 50 routes nightly of palletized LTL deliveries for the biggest company in the world, we have faced many challenges in the freight industry and are becoming well-versed in solving our clients LTL and last mile needs. With sixty 26-foot box trucks and every one of them equipped with lift gates, we are able to solve freight and logistics needs in cities such as Wichita, KS, Lubbock, TX and Tulsa, OK.

We are highly knowledgeable in veterinary needs. We service many veterinary clinics in Kansas and make many deliveries to Kansas State University Veterinarian School daily. Whether it be X-Ray, Lab, Supplies, or even live animals, Metro Courier understands the importance of taking care of our veterinarians so they can help take care of your fur babies every day.

No delivery is too big or too small. While our courier service will take care of your smallest, most precious packages, our fleet of large trucks will handle all of your freight needs. Not all packages should be handled the same way. Our individualized approach allows us to effectively support a wide array of major industries and cater to your individual needs. Our custom solutions support even the most complex delivery challenges.


And Many, Many More.