The Metro Courier Team

Our team works relentlessly every day to deliver the best service to our clients.

Anita Oberwortmann

Owner/Chief Executive Officer

Wisconsin native Anita L. Oberwortmann moved to Kansas in 1973, and, in 1978, she started a janitorial services company in Wichita. Anita purchased Metro Courier in 1999 and remains President and Owner along her son, James.

James Oberwortmann

Owner/Chief Financial Officer

James is in charge of various financial duties and works daily with his team and the company as a whole to find ways to deliver Metro Courier services effectively.

Randy Boling

Chief Operating Officer

Randy is a Metro veteran. Having worked in the company for 24 years, he manages our day-to-day operations and customer relations. He enjoys spending time with his family, engaging in outdoor activities, and attending sporting events.

Greta Azember

Human Resources Director

With over 20 years in HR experience, we’re extremely lucky to have Greta taking care of our employees and all things Human Resources at Metro.

Scott Rowles

Operations Manager/Elite Dispatcher

Scott has been with Metro for 23 years and is one of the longest standing veterans in the company. He is an expert in the dispatch chair. Scott sets up new stops and monitors route productivity, and he also assists clients with delivery questions daily. Have any questions about the services we offer? He’s your guy.

Johnie Karr

Sales Manager

Johnie leads our sales department, promoting our organization and making sure we are meeting our sales goals, among many other things. An avid golfer, Johnie enjoys to spend his free time at the course, doing yard work or outside activities, and spending time with his wife and four daughters.

Diana Clasen

Operations Supervisor

Diana is our Operations Supervisor. She helps us coordinate dispatch and route sheets at Metro.

Michelle St. John

Administrative Support

Michelle’s smile is one of the first things you see when you walk into Metro Courier’s Wichita location.

Michael Taylor

Operations Specialist

Mike is responsible for coordinating all inbound/outbound transportation activities.

Michael Hernandez

Operations Specialist

Michael helps the Metro dispatch department run smoothly by dispatching and monitoring the movements for customers, resolving issues that may affect the scheduled times for pickup or delivery, and providing consistent support by dispatching resources to meet the needs of clients.

Adam Wheeler

Warehouse Associate

As our Warehouse Associate, Adam ensures shipments are inspected for damages, sorts and places product according to organizational standards, and safely loads and unloads vehicles strategically to maximize space and prevent product damage.