Why Switch to Metro

When we ask new customers “Why’d you switch to Metro?” they all say about the  same thing: the customer service. Switching isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be uncomfortable and time consuming. But, with change comes the opportunity to improve. So here are a few questions our customers said they asked themselves before they moved to Metro:

  • “Is my service consistent, or do I worry from when I call in until the package is picked up?”
  • “Are the drivers insured employees of the actual company I’m using?”
  • “When there was an issue, did they address it promptly and helpfully?”
  • “If I need other services besides just in town delivery, can they provide these?
  • “Do they have these services in-house, or would they simply sub them out?”
  • “Is my billing accurate and timely?”

If these questions make you curious about Metro Courier, why not just try us out on something small and simple? Dip your toe in the water. Give us a chance to show why we humbly think we’re Wichita’s most professional and dependable courier service and freight company.

When you’re ready to take the “Go with Metro” Challenge, check out our shipping services, and call us at 316-522-8008. Or, Contact Us, and we’ll Contact You!